Bob Porter's 25 years on radio,
syndicated "Portaits in Blue" tribute

photo by: "The Masked Announcer" Joel Dorn
R-L Linda Porter, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, and Bob Porter.
The scene on Friday Evening November 4, 2005 at Mexicali Blues Club, Teaneck, NJ was like being in Blues and Soul Jazz heaven!! Fans and talent came from as far as California and nearly every state along the northeast coast, (Maine to Florida) where they paid tribute to the honoree, Bob Porter, radio personality, blues, jazz , R&B producer and writer who was celebrating 25 years of Portraits in Blue, Porter's syndicated NPR program. Special honors were given to Porter, the man who has been an inspiration to fans and musicians for over 3 decades and deserving of recognition for his contribution to the Blues and Soul Jazz .

NY Blues Society President and DJ, Bob Putignano, developed and spearheaded the Blues project; Putignano, gathered an all star cast of musicians and Blues vocalists . The evening was a huge success, Putignano managed to get a vintage B-3 hoisted on stage - that alone should have been video taped-- you've never seen so much brawn and muscle pushing a B-3 up several feet onto a bandstand.

Putingano, co-hosted the event with producer and former DJ, Joel Dorn. Mexicali Blues club was filled with an enormous amount of talent and energy ; performances began at 8:00PM and ended at 1:30AM - it was an evening of non-stop entertainment, (mind you with no prior rehearsals). Guitarist, Melvin Sparks was music director. Musicians who had played on various recording sessions dates with Bob Porter (producer) got into an incredible groove on stage, and fans & friends claimed the B-3 was hotter than ever.

Bobby Watley (leader of FUNK Inc.) missed a plane but managed to connect and perform on time. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (world renown drummer) gave up a gig in San Francisco to be part of the special event. Winston Byrd claimed he drove like a maniac from the Cape May Jazz fest just to be a part of the eveningšs tribute; while blues newcomer, Kristina Beaty flew up from Savannah hoping to be part of the blues artists' roster. Among the many artists who performed and devoted their talent and time i.e., Melvin Sparks, Bernard Purdie, Winston Byrd, Stanley Banks, Seleno Clarke, Benny H-Fi and the Aces accompanied by a great horn section AKA The Finns; Cheney Sims captivated the audience when she sang with her famous dad, Bill Sims. Angel Rissoff, and blues diva, Sista Monica absolutely rocked the club.

A plaque from NY Blues Society commemorating Bob Porteršs 25 years of Dedication to the Blues was presented by Putigano, Dorn and Purdie. It was a memorable Blues & Soul Jazz evening complete with great Mexican cuisine, an assortment of accolades, accompanied by fantastic funky blues, jazz and amazing soulful entertainment. Written by: Linda Calandra-Porter 11/ 17 /05